Next steps once you are done installing Milgard windows & doors project

Next steps once you are done with the windows & doors project

What to do after the window and door installation to get the most out of your investment.

Congratulations on your new windows and doors!

You have accomplished a significant project that adds value and enjoyment to your home. Take the time to complete a thorough inspection of your new windows and doors. Read through our six-step checklist to ensure everything is complete after the installation.

Post Project Checklist

  • Check the operation and locking mechanisms of your product. If something does not feel right, contact your dealer or installer.
  • Add regular care and maintenance of your windows and doors to your basic household chores. Milgard products are designed to require very little maintenance and just a routine checkup can ensure smooth performance for years to come. Download your free copy of the Milgard Care and Maintenance Guide.
  • Keep all receipts and paperwork, including any product labels. Your windows come with NFRC labels and corner clings. Remember to keep them with your paperwork.
  • If you installed energy efficient windows, you might be eligible for a rebate with your local energy provider. Apply for the rebate to gain some extra savings. 
  • Read over the product warranty. You can access Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty online at any time. If anything is confusing, contact the customer service department at 1 800 MILGARD.
  • Register your warranty. It takes just a few minutes and doing so keeps your information on file for Milgard. If an issue should arise in the future, it expedites the process of setting up a service call.
  • Happy with the results? Be sure to let friends and acquaintances know, particularly if they're interested in having similar work done. Take the time to write a review for those involved in your project.  People always appreciate such recommendations. And it's a great way to reward contractors for a job well done. 
Answers to most commonly asked product care and Milgard service questions.
Share the unique journey behind your new windows and doors.
Register your warranty online in just a few moments.
With just a little routine care and cleaning, you can ensure your windows and doors will continue to perform their best while looking great.

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