Friday May 19, 2017

Entertaining and Patio Doors

by Anita Joyce of Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Summertime means it's time for things to slow down. School is out, the pool is open, so fire up the grill and let's get this party started. It's so much fun to have friends over on the patio or porch. Sometimes I even set up a table out in the field if we are having a big crowd. I have stacks of plates, glasses and flatware for these occasions. And entertaining outdoors feel more casual and festive perfect for a summer evening.

For an appetizer, I love setting out a tray of cheeses and some fruit for guests to enjoy on the back porch. 

Outdoor entertaining ideas

Then I set up drinks, but I don't have a bar cart. It doesn't matter though, since an old wood ironing board works beautifully as a server. I set up drinks and glasses so everyone can serve himself.

Clever ways to serve drinks outside

I love getting out the pillows and throws for my rocking chairs. It seems everyone enjoys sitting in a rocking chair. 

Throw pillows for rocking chairs on the porch

We dine at a large pine table for dinner where we can see the sun set behind the house. There's usually quite a show when the skies are clear. We're often rewarded with a brilliant display of color as the sun sets. 

Outdoor table setting for entertaining

While we are talking about entertaining on the porch, let's talk about that porch or patio door. If you are in the market for a new look, here are a few doors to consider. I remember our old sliding glass door from long ago. It was quite functional, but not attractive. This fiberglass patio door is a stunner. 

Fiberglass patio door in black

It truly makes a statement! Here's another breath-taking door that I love. It has 4 panels that turn your back wall into a view of the outdoors. 

Vinyl patio door

Below the trim on the doors is white vinyl. This is another 'wow' look. It's like being outdoors, only with air conditioning and no bugs. 

White vinyl sliding patio door

Or if you prefer a darker color, how about this set of doors? The dark trim on the doors is beautiful. Sliding glass doors have come a long way! These doors have two stationery panels that allow even more light in the room. Unlike traditional sliding doors, both sides of these sliding doors open. Having such a wide opening is great when you are entertaining.

Fiberglass sliding patio door dark frames

If you want something more traditional, why not consider these French doors? The side lights make the doors feel even bigger. 

French inswing patio doors with side lights

Below is an interesting mix of French doors. The doors on the left have divided lights, while the ones on the right only have the extra trim on the top. 

Patio doors with divided lights for decorative flair

You can go here to learn more about patio door styles.  

Visit Anita, our guest author at: Cedar Hill Farmhouse 


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